Multifunctional composite insulating materials for electrical applications
15-20 Sep 2024 Porquerolles Island (France)


In July 2018, we organized the 1st Thematic School on Dielectrics, focused on the characterization and aging of insulators used in many domains of electrical engineering and electronics. In September 2021, we organized the 2nd edition dealing with modelling aspects of dielectrics. These two events were held at Porquerolles island and were a great success. The 3rd Thematic School on Dielectrics is now scheduled from September 15-20, 2021.

For this new edition, we will focus the topic on “Multifunctional composite insulating materials for electrical applications”, covering a broad range of approaches, ranging from functionalizing and modulating the materials properties (composites, nanocomposites, functionalization, gradation, etc.), combining multifunctions (electrical, thermal, mechanical), integrating new functions (self-healing, lifespan extension …), designing new systems for power conversion and transportation at higher voltage, physical understanding, reflection on the end-of-life (recycling, second life).

The Thematic School proposes to form a bridge between the old theories and the new technological opportunities, for scientists and engineers (from academia and industry) in the field of electrical engineering and, most importantly also, opening our field and challenges to materials scientists and physicists.

We wish to maintain what made the originality and strength of the previous editions: the intervention of renowned researchers through plenary lectures, the international openness and the articulation of courses with situational approaches through practical lab works / workshops. These workshops cover the use of experimental tools as well as supporting numerical modelling.

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• Issues & challenges related to multifunctional composites insulators,

• Theoretical basics concerning dielectric properties,

• Synthesis & processes of (nano)composite materials,

• Nanocomposite polymers: Relationship structure/dielectric properties,

• Nanodielectric phenomena,

• Composites with gradient properties for field grading,

• Composites with improved thermal properties,

• Composite dielectric polymers for energy storage,

• Aging of (nano)composite insulators: resistance to PD and lifespan,

• Modeling of dielectric phenomena at composite interfaces,

• Nanostructured inorganic thin layers for microelectronics,

• Insulation characterization techniques,

• Prospects for composite materials and sustainable development.

Besides main courses in the morning, students will be trained, by groups, on simulation desks and various measurement techniques on Lab test benches.


The Thematic School is supported by the French National Centre of Scientific Research (CNRS) and the IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society (DEIS). The Dielectrics group of French Research network in Electrical Engineering (SEEDS) is the organizing body.

Université de ToulouseDEIS


  • Dr Gilbert TEYSSEDRE, CNRS, LAPLACE, Toulouse, France
  • Prof Petru NOTINGHER, Univ. Montpellier, France
  • Dr Sombel DIAHAM, Univ. Toulouse, France 
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